Robin Goodall, M.Ed.

Robin Goodall has been with Vermont Tech since 2002. Prior to joining the college, she was a classroom teacher and special educator in public schools and with a local psychologist developing community-based programming for local school districts and assessing students for possible learning disabilities. While she had many connections to schools in her career, Vermont Tech has been the best job for the work she gets to do with students and faculty.

  • Role

    Coordinator of Disability Services

  • Phone

    (802) 728-1278

  • Email

  • Fax

    (802) 728-1260

  • Respect in the Workplace

    Robin’s take on respect is that it has a lot to do with courtesy. When her colleagues take the time to be inclusive, she perceives that as critical to demonstrating respect. A benefit of a respectful environment is creating a space for coworkers to celebrate accomplishments and feel safe to identify and address problems.

  • Respect and Appreciation

    An easy way for people to show appreciation in the workplace, according to Robin, is to say thank you and to share their appreciation with others. It’s especially useful if those expressions of thanks are specific about what the contributions have been. That really shows a sincere appreciation and recognition of someone’s work. Similarly, there is a respectful way to share concerns by speaking to the issue and not the individual. By not making it personal, coworkers can discuss concerns more respectfully.

  • Supervisor Modeling Respectful Behavior

    Robin feels that having her supervisor model respectful behavior has a huge impact on her work, making her feel like her supervisor is paying attention regularly, not just when there may be areas of concern. It’s a good feeling to Robin when her supervisor understands the nature of her work and appreciates its challenges. The confidence that comes from a respectful supervisor allows for “healthy” risk-taking and increased ability to do good work. Robin also sees that modeling as enabling high-functioning creativity too.