Rashane Russell

“The change from High School to VAST was fun because I got the chance to meet a lot of new people and take college classes. It was a big move because I got in a year early to experience what it would be like to learn more about a potential passion in business. The biggest change was commuting from 10 minutes from home to 45 minutes from home.”

Rashane choose Vermont Tech because he had a couple of friends already going to the school and they said it was very fun and they enjoyed the school. Once he heard them say that he knew it would be a great place for him so he took a tour of the Randolph Campus. “It was an amazing tour and I was thinking about going after my senior year until I met the VAST director, Steve Airoldi, who showed how I could take the initiative in getting in faster through the VAST Program.”

Rashane was drawn to his major because of his passion for business at a young age. “When I was a kid, in middle school, I used to make rainbow loom bands and sell them in school. I started to calculate the amount for the equipment and the time to make them into how much they would cost. From then, I knew the business program would be right for me.”

“All of my classes are very fun and they have taught me a lot about life and what I would need to focus on in the future. One lesson I learned in high school that I continued to do in college is time management. I think this is the most important lesson or skill a person should learn in order to be successful.”

“Once I graduate, I am thinking about working full-time for a couple of years before I can start my business. My goal in the future is to own a couple of homes and rent them out to the public.”

Some of Rashane’s favorite activities include playing basketball and hanging with friends.

“My advice to upcoming students would be to keep track of their time and do their work ahead of time. Keeping a constant schedule and understanding what needs to be done first will help with being successful in college. I think joining a club with an activity you like will help relieve some stress and allow you to bond with others on the campus. I would tell people joining my major that it is a great major because you learn the fundamental aspects of owning your own business and being the person giving orders instead of taking them. The program also teaches the importance of finance and how to make smart [financial] decisions.”

  • School

    Professional Studies and Management

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  • Hometown

    Stowe, VT