Patricia Moulton

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  • Respect in the Workplace

    To Pat, respect is signaled by how people communicate with each other. Professionalism is when colleagues are able to disagree without being disagreeable or debate without argument. A respectful workplace is one where the work that people do is acknowledged as being important across the spectrum of responsibilities and regardless of position or pay scale. Pat recognizes that organizations function well when everyone’s work is valued.

  • Respect and Appreciation

    Pat feels respected when colleagues acknowledge her for doing a good job. She also appreciates when feedback is given - positive or negative – that is respectful of one’s expertise regardless. Respect can also be shown through simple courtesies like returning a “hello!” and hand-written notes. Pat’s focus on transparency is an effort she makes specifically to foster a respectful workplace. She has found that a culture of transparency and respect has a huge impact on job satisfaction. Her efforts are rewarded with a two-way street of communication that helps her feel respected as well.

  • Supervisor Modeling Respectful Behavior

    Having a supervisor that focuses on strengths has always been Pat’s experience. She’s felt that it helps her feel valued, which in turn increases her motivation. As she strives to do with her employees, Pat benefits from feedback that acknowledges her expertise and input while providing feedback.