Patricia Dudley

One of the things Patricia Dudley loves most about nursing is the endless opportunity for lifelong learning.

A student in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, Patricia now understands more than ever the power of teamwork, encouragement, and compassion.

“I have learned that nursing is about accepting people for who they are and trying to help them achieve their potential,” she says. “As a new nursing student, you want to ‘fix’ everyone. But as a seasoned nursing student, you realize that appliances can be ‘fixed,’ and people cannot. People can only be encouraged.”

A resident of Glover in the Northeast Kingdom, Patricia graduated from high school in 1990. Eventually, she decided that nursing was the right career for her and enrolled in courses at Community College of Vermont. Her advisor at CCV suggested that she explore earning her degree at Vermont Tech. Once Patricia learned about the program’s successful graduation rate and that there was a campus in nearby Newport, she was sold.

“All of my instructors have been extremely supportive. The nursing curriculum is tough and I could not have made it without their encouragement, help, and tough love,” she says. “I love nursing. It has helped me be a better mother, a better wife, and a better person. I think I get as much out of caring for my patients as they do, and that feeling is tough to beat!”

Patricia now works for the Department of Corrections in Newport. It’s a tough, but rewarding job.

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