Pascal Siki Wa Siki

Pascal is a first generation student. He has four brothers that he hopes will follow in his footsteps and attend college also. Pascal attended high school in Winooski but came to the Vermont Academy of Science and Technology after his junior year. Pascal wanted more of a challenge, and VAST offered that by helping him complete his last year of high school and the first year of college concurrently. Along with working toward a Civil & Environmental Technology degree, he will receive diplomas from Winooski High School and VAST.

“If I went to regular high school, I wouldn’t have enough to do. I didn’t want to waste a year,” says Pascal.

Pascal always knew he wanted to go to college, but didn’t know how, or if, he could make it there. VAST is introducing him opportunities he never knew were possible. Pascal chose to major in Civil & Environmental Engineering Technology and at only 18, had an internship with Engelberth Construction.

“I want to be in the construction field and Engelberth gives great opportunities to students.” Although he was just observing at first, Pascal now spends half his time doing labor work on a small team.

Pascal says that the Civil Engineering Technology program can be strict, and really requires your all. Pascal has grown more independent as a result of his time in VAST.

“High school was easy, looking back.  Now, we’re left alone more and if you want help you have to go find it yourself. In college you need to know how to survive, it prepares you for the real-world.”

But it isn’t all work and no play, Pascal enjoys soccer and plays it often. He also gets to go home on the weekend to see his family.

“My family is really excited for me.” And they should be! We see big things ahead for Pascal. He might go elsewhere for college to be closer to his family and eventually wants to get his Master’s degree in Engineering.

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  • School

    Engineering and Computing

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  • Hometown

    Winooski, Vermont