Molly Willard

Before coming to Vermont Tech nine years ago, I worked as a consulting botanist. I have always enjoyed physical work and over the years have experience managing vegetable, maple, horse and dairy operations. I owned and operated my own diversified vegetable farm for 5 years. I actively write grants for projects that are innovative for the working lands of Vermont and integrate those projects into trainings and courses offered at Vermont Tech.

I love that Vermont Tech focuses on degrees that provide students with employment. It’s a practical college and I like that our students are motivated to learn while working. Vermont Tech supports the workforce of Vermont by helping to build viable communities. I feel Vermont Tech is integral to the state’s sustainability.

I love teaching about plants and the forest. You can grow up and live in a place all your life and never know what kind of plant or tree you are walking by. Learning about the natural world is grounding and gives students a sense of place. I feel this is important for people. I often find students overlook the importance of plants and trees- without them there is no life. They  are the only organism that make energy from the sun and that energy feeds everything else. We live in such a digital world the basics of life and energy are easily overlooked.

In my free time I like to bike, hike, swim, ski, and spend time with my family and two girls. I also love to ride and train horses.