Mark Turco

“I came to Vermont Tech fresh out of high school in 2016. I wanted to stay local because I am a really big believer in in-state schooling and was interested in the Manufacturing program” Mark stated. He knew it was the place for him because “I was really shy, especially going to a new school, and the people and their interests were so similar to mine that it made me feel comfortable.” Mark graduated with his associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 2018 and shared, “the education was awesome! I do not have anything bad to say.”

During his time at Vermont Tech, Mark really enjoyed the hands-on approach to learning, stating, “I was really big on anything that had to do with using my hands and building. The whole manufacturing department at Vermont Tech worked with me on that and hat’s off to them because they did a really great job.” He further explained, “The professors were great and they knew you by name” which helped Mark through the more challenging academic times. (Learn more about hands-on learning under VTC Fast Facts).

After graduating in 2018, the Monday after graduation, Mark was accepted into GE Aviation out of Rutland, for their Master’s program for Automation and Robotics. For three and half years, Mark was in the training program that worked directly with Vermont Tech’s program to work towards a Bachelor’s degree. Last year, Mark graduated from the GE Aviation program and has been working as a Certified Automation Technician, while also finishing his Bachelor’s in Manufacturing Engineering Technology this Spring. He noted, “I took a venture to the corporate side and will start a new role with GE Aviation as an Operations Management Leader (OML), in their OML program. I will get to travel site to site, at a corporate level, learning the ins and outs of the company. I am very excited!”

Mark noted that his education at Vermont Tech was essential stating, “I would 100% agree that the education and instruction have made it so you can think outside the box and take real-world applications for learning – that’s a big thing for the technical side – the hands-on approach really pushes you to see how things happen and work.” As a more recent graduate, Mark’s advice to potential and current students is, “figure out what you’re interested in and let that take you. If I would do this over again, I would come back to Vermont Tech for sure. I had a great time, it was a very friendly environment, and my education was great.”

Mark recently attended the Career Fair, in October 2022, as a GE Aviation Representative hoping to recruit more VTC graduates, like him! (You can find more at Vermont Tech Career Services).

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