Mark Moyer

Mark Moyer wanted to follow his father’s footsteps into the construction industry. This Civil Engineering Technology alum from West Rutland graduated in 1996. He has now been all over the United States for his work as the Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) Operations Manager at Weaver Consultants Group in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His employer has over 400 employees across 16 offices. The Grand Rapids location is responsible for the permitting, design, and construction of solid waste landfills across the Midwest.

Mark spends his workday managing multiple CQA projects as well as the technicians in the field. Once projects are completed, Mark compiles and develops the reports to send to the State regulator. His job is to make sure his teams are producing a consistent quality product across all of the offices. Mark enjoys getting out into the field to monitor the progress of the different sites and communicating with the teams.

“Growing up in Rutland County, my father worked in construction and all of the project managers that were respected and excelled at their jobs were Vermont Tech grads.  I knew early on that Vermont Tech was the place I wanted to go.”

The Vermont Tech name also helped Mark get his foot in the door when applying for jobs. Mark started his job search early and was happy to learn that his first supervisor was also a Vermont Tech graduate and that his education would help him further his career.

“While I was a field technician, the soils and materials classes along with AutoCAD were tools to complete my tasks.  Once in the office AutoCAD along with estimating and other management skills were helpful on my journey to where I am today.”

Mark is a veteran of the 1st Gulf War and likes forging his own path. Before accepting his job, he had never been to Michigan but was excited about the opportunity. Now, his work has taken him to Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan, and Tennessee.

Mark looks back on his college years fondly, and he made some lifelong friends that he still connects with.

“My advice to incoming students would be to be as active as you can.  Your time at Vermont Tech goes by fast and the more you can get out of that experience, the more equipped you will be to start your new career and life.”

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