Louie Terrwilliger

Louie Terwilliger started her college career at a large university. But says she struggled with the larger class sizes and lack of hands-on learning. She came to Vermont Tech for the 2+2 FARMS scholarship and is now enrolled in the Dairy Farm Management program.

“I looked at dairy programs all over New England and found that Vermont Tech was the best fit for me due to its heavy emphasis on hands-on learning. My other school wasn’t as focused on hands-on experiences as Vermont Tech. I have definitely loved getting to learn in a more applicable environment.”

Louie is an animal lover. When she isn’t in class she is either home with her two dogs or working at Ayer’s Brook Goat Dairy. “I have always loved working with animals, solving problems, and being outside.  This degree will allow me to do these things and open doors to a large range of careers.”

Dr. Kim Crowe has been helpful in introducing Louie to local farmers and fostering professional relationships with industry leaders. “I love how many opportunities I have found here to expand my knowledge and education by working on local farms and talking to the farmers in the area.”

Although she is only in her first semester at Vermont Tech, Louie knows that it’s important to take advantage of all the opportunities college can offer. “Whether it’s jumping at career opportunities, extra work on the farm, or chances to make connections with others in the industry.”

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    Agriculture, Plant, and Animal Sciences

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