Laurel Butler

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    Business Advisor, VtSBDC

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  • Respect in the Workplace

    To Laurel, a respectful work and learning environment is one in which colleagues value each other’s contributions. She appreciates a workplace where all employees are treated fairly, difference is acknowledged and valued, communication is open and civil, conflict is addressed early and there is a culture of empowerment and cooperation.

  • Respect and Appreciation

    Laurel thrives in a culture where everybody has an opportunity to be recognized and encouraged. She leads by example for what respect looks like in the workplace, which includes acting with integrity and not asking anything of others that one wouldn’t do yourself. Laurel has felt appreciated when her colleagues look for opportunities to connect with and support her and others. If awards are given, respect is acknowledging that it takes a team effort to achieve any recognition, even if given to an individual. It’s also honoring colleagues with attention and curiosity, and being kind whenever possible.

  • Supervisor Modeling Respectful Behavior

    Laurel feels very fortunate to have a supervisor who will bend over backwards to be gracious, respectful, collaborative and inclusive. Having a supervisor who will “go to bat” for their employees creates trust and provides the resources necessary to do their jobs. Her supervisor’s feedback is timely and fair, which creates a constructive environment where input is valued, considered and included in the direction of the organization. This helps Laurel know that her skill set is appreciated and that she’s encouraged to do what works for her to be a productive employee.