Kyra Becker

When Kyra Becker was ten years old, she met a female pilot, and little did she know, the encounter would shape her future, “She looked at me and said, ‘You should be a pilot one day too.’” The idea of becoming a pilot stayed with Kyra, and during her junior year of high school, she decided to have a closer look at the vocation.

Kyra connected with a nearby flight instructor during her senior year of high school and she attained her private pilot license after graduating and before beginning her education at Vermont Tech. “I loved everything about it and knew that was the career I wanted to pursue.”

When it came time to start her training, Kyra discovered the major flight schools were expensive, “I chose Vermont Tech because it was the most affordable and smartest decision for my career as a pilot. It just didn’t make sense for me to put myself in so much debt when I could get the same certificate a lot faster and for a lot less. Actually, with Vermont Tech you can get everything so much quicker than you could at any of those other schools.”

Kyra appreciates her time at Vermont Tech and is grateful to her advisor Robin Guillian, who’s helped her navigate course selection, and Professor John Popkess for sharing his experience in the world of aviation. Kyra is also a member of the Vermont Tech soccer team, a sport she’s been playing since high school and continued playing for the rest of her time at Vermont Tech.

When Kyra graduates in 2022, she plans to work as a flight instructor at the Vermont Flight Academy, and one day for an airliner. Her advice to people considering college? “Take a look at the options, because Vermont Tech has a lot to offer, and developing a practical skill makes your time at college so much more valuable.”

  • School

    Professional Studies and Management

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  • Hometown

    Chazy, NY

  • Campus Activities

    Member of the women’s soccer team