Katelyn Hudson, D.Arch, Ph.D

Architecture has always appealed to Katelyn initially as she sees it as a combination of math and art and later as the creative application of environmental psychology. That is why she chose Vermont Tech because of the Architectural and Building Engineering Technology program offered. In 2007, Katelyn received her Associate in Architectural and Building Engineering Technology. She expressed, “Vermont Tech’s ABET program gave me an excellent engineering foundation and complement for the transitioned to creative explorations of architectural design school.”

Before she continued her education, Katelyn noted that one of her favorite professors/classes was Architectural History, taught at the time by Professor Conrey, as she explains, “This is where I first found my passion for the academic side of Architecture. Exploring how architecture evolved, and how people chose to shelter themselves, informed the research I undertook in my two doctoral theses.” (Meet our current Vermont Tech Faculty!)

Katelyn went to Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture after Vermont Tech. Graduating in 2009 with her Bachelor’s degree, Katelyn noted, “The building industry had not bounced back from the economic recession, which prompted me to pursue an accredited architectural degree to work towards becoming a licensed architect. It was at the University of Hawaii, in their D. Arch program that I realized my interest in academia. Over the next four years, I worked part-time for an architectural firm in Burlington, gaining internship hours towards licensure, and adjunct teaching for the last two, before moving to Australia for a Ph.D., which resulted in graduating remotely during the pandemic. Graduating at inopportune economic times has resulted in applying to many places, but persistence has always paid off.”

Now, Katelyn is a Designer/Drafter at Cushman Design Group in Stowe, VT, as she explains, “I work with project managers and the principal of the firm to design residences and renovations for clients. I enjoy working with clients to understand what they’re looking for and to create homes that are personalized for their needs and wellbeing.” Katelyn takes this work into her second passion, which is teaching, as she states, “Working in the field helps me knowledgeably inform the students I teach at Vermont Tech; providing them with a real-world professional application for what they are learning.” (Read more about Vermont Tech’s hands-on learning). Katelyn, an Adjunct Faculty at Vermont Tech, teaches ARE 101: Introduction to Construction Drawing Practices and in the constructing detailing studio portion of ARE 1210 affectionately known as the ‘dirt lab.’ Katelyn is very involved with Vermont Tech and in 2007 won the ‘Greatest Contribution to Student Activities’ Award during our annual Faculty Recognition Assembly. Additionally, she is involved with being an Independent Antarctic Researcher. She’s presenting her research on the history of architecture in Antarctica and explorations into building practices of extreme environments at conferences around the world, from Tierra Del Fuego and Svalbard, Norway.

Katelyn has also won the March 2023 Alumni of the Quarter for her career achievements as a Vermont Tech graduate; her leadership within her professional field and the community; and for graciously donating towards the Hartmann and Conrey Scholarship to support students in the Architectural Engineering programs!

Her advice to current/potential students of Vermont Tech is to, “Be curious, keep learning and evolving, and don’t underestimate what you are capable of!”

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    Engineering and Computing

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    Jericho, Vermont