John LaFreniere

John was about to attend Castleton State College (now known as Castleton University), but two weeks prior to starting the semester, he decided not to attend and took a gap year instead. During his year off, he worked in heavy construction and found his path lead him to Vermont Tech. Once he arrived, in 1984, he did pre-tech and then became torn between Electrical verses the Mechanical programs offered. His final decision was the Electrical program and in 1987, John graduated with his Associate in Electrical Engineering Technology.

During his time at Vermont Tech, John played Varsity Basketball and was the Captain his last year (see our Vermont Tech Athletics). He noted, “We had a very good team!” At the end of earning his associate degree, John started applying to jobs that he was interested in. “At the time IBM (prior to becoming GlobalFoundries) did limiting hiring, so when IBM came to Vermont Tech’s campus, I applied. I was one of the 20 plus students who was hired,” explained John. He gave the professors recognition for assisting him in the process stating, “I utilized Professor Ken Vandermark and Gregory Hughes as I worked closely with them and provided guidance and council for my career path. I feel that the professors at Vermont Tech care deeply about their students and desire success for them.”

When asked what it was like transitioning from Vermont Technical College to an employee he emphasized, “The hands-on approach to learning enabled me to convert to a Technician at IBM very quickly. Having academics and hands on experience is an advantage that only Vermont Tech students share.” That’s one reason John came back to Vermont Tech to earn his Bachelor’s in Business Technology and Management, which he completed in 2008. Additionally, John was selected to be the student speaker at Vermont Tech’s 2008 graduation ceremony. During his time at Vermont Tech and earning his Bachelors he explained, “My special experience was interacting with classmates from other professional backgrounds. The course work tied directly to my role at GlobalFoundries and I utilized that learning every day in my position. I feel that Vermont Tech enables you to learn and apply, and this enables constant growth that positively influences our business and my career.”

Now John is member of the VTC Corporate Electrical Engineering Technology Advisory Committee and a Deputy Director of Engineering Operations at GlobalFoundries (GF), stating, “I am a Senior Leader here at GF and my main responsibilities is for talent acquisition for technicians and engineers for our fabricator. I am also responsible for two internal repair centers, electronic and mechanical, and I am the Project Level Manager supporting these two critical areas. Other responsibilities include training, part management, and maintenance efficiencies.” Further John explained, “this role does align with my career goals and I do use my degree in reference to the electronic repair center.” Within his position at GF, John is heavily involved with partnering with Vermont Tech, explaining, “I have had the pleasure to build a deep partnership with Vermont Tech…we have built an apprenticeship program, hired graduates, attended job fairs, have had Lunch and Learn Lectures, and we recently developed a GlobalFoundries Scholarship at Vermont Tech to help students in the Electrical, Mechanical, and Automotive programs. I find everyone I work with at Vermont Tech has the same goal, success for the students!!”

John’s advice to potential/current students: “I would offer to incoming students to take advantage of their opportunity and invest heavily as it will benefit you many years in the future.”

  • School

    Engineering and Computing

  • Class of...

    1987, 2008

  • Hometown

    Jeffersonville, VT