Jessica Marsh

“I am a non-traditional student as I graduated in 2007, however I did take my prerequisites at a community college in New Hampshire. I am a transfer student as well. The transitions have gone smoothly for me; I always felt like I picked up where I left off.”

Jessica chose Vermont Tech because she knew she needed to finish up the PN program. “As a returning student to the same program, I feel welcomed and not judged about coming back. Vermont Tech has about a 100% passing rate on the NCLEX, so this also is a reason why I returned.”

Jessica has been in health care for about thirteen years. “I started as a licensed nursing assistant and now my goal is to become a registered nurse. I have always taken care of people, including at a young age and I’ve always known that nursing is my calling.”

“My classes are via zoom and we meet for clinical/lab twice a week. The greatest lesson learned so far and said by all of my professors is ‘use your resources’. This has taught me to use the tools given to me for successful outcomes.”

Jessica knew she wanted to go to Vermont Tech. Her partner kept encouraging her and telling her that it would be worth it and that he would be there every step of the way for her.

“I currently have a full scholarship through my employer in which I am forever thankful for. I have been employed with a local hospital for ten years and I intend on staying with the organization after graduation.”

Jessica’s career goals include becoming a registered nurse and possibly becoming a traveling nurse. “I would love to work in an intensive care or oncology unit.”

Besides nursing, Jessica’s hobbies include fishing, camping, kayaking, boating, hiking and ATV’ing.

“My advice for incoming students would be to make sure they have a concrete support system before joining the PN program. This is an accelerated program and a lot happens in such a short time. Having a support system at home is key! I have children and I wouldn’t have made it this far without my partner and my sister. Also, even if you think you do know the material being taught, sign up for tutoring services! It is so helpful and provided to students for free. I have an amazing tutor who is very flexible and customizes the material into my learning style.”

  • School

    Nursing and Health Professions

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    Hinsdale, NH