Jenny Yang

Jenny Yang is a First Generation college student who graduated from the Veterinary Technology associate degree program at Vermont Tech. She’s also a non-traditional Millennial who tried a number of human health programs and professions before breaking from her family’s wishes for her by pursuing her dream of animal medicine.

Before coming to Vermont Tech, Jenny benefitted from a counselor at VSAC who led her through the college search and admissions’ processes. She always knew she wanted to stay in Vermont and looked at the state colleges for affordable programs. The Vermont Tech veterinary program will give her what she’s looking for most, which is the chance to get a job in her field quickly and have the dream career she’s always wanted.

While at Vermont Tech, Jenny has made friends and strong connections. She initially chose the small school for a feeling of safety, but also to leverage the low student-to-teacher ratio for more personalized support. Her advisor, Dr. Stephanie Dorosko, is highly accessible with her open-door policy and willingness to talk about everything, in and outside of academics. The two are close, and Jenny is grateful for Dr. Dorosko’s advocacy on her behalf with other faculty.

In addition to receiving her academic support, Jenny provided support to new TRIO students as a mentor. She met with three-four new students individually and as a group to encourage networking and to ease their transition into college. Jenny also was a tour guide for the college and worked for Randolph Animal Hospital, which works closely with Potter’s Angels rescue organization. Jenny got her new job as a veterinary tech at a local animal hospital just before graduation, but still finds time to volunteer with Potter’s Animal Rescue.

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  • School

    Agriculture, Plant, and Animal Sciences

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  • Hometown

    Starksboro, VT