Greta Kuhnly

Greta Kuhnly has a passion for animals, she even studied  Animal Science at her high school in Connecticut. After visiting our campus, she decided to major in Veterinary Technology at Vermont Tech because of the relaxed campus setting and the small class sizes. She says, “The Veterinary Science field will provide me with a hands-on career where I can obtain experience working with animals of all types.” Greta found her classes very helpful and says that all of her professors were very supportive.

Greta encourages students who are interested in Vet Tech to be prepared for the hard work the program entails.

“Having animals to take care of here means there are no days off. Labs can be difficult and require you to focus and for some classes a lot of studying is necessary. This isn’t a major or career choice for someone who wants to have it easy. Oh, and you will most definitely get messy.”

When she isn’t studying, Greta likes to spend her time horseback riding, showing livestock, and playing with her Bernese mountain dog, Rhea. She is also the Secretary of the Vermont Tech Gun Club on the Randolph campus. Greta is also happy to be in a work-study position for the Vet Tech where she gets even more hands-on time with the animals. Part of her duties include wellness check-ups, preparing labs, and animal socializing.   Greta is eager to take that practical education into the workforce and begin her career with a large animal vet clinic.

  • School

    Agriculture, Plant, and Animal Sciences

  • Class of...


  • Hometown

    Coventry, CT