Emma Saucier

Growing up in Windsor, Vermont, helped Emma Saucier develop an appreciation for manufacturing.  Years ago, Vermont’s Upper Valley region was the manufacturing capital of Vermont. While the region’s manufacturing base has changed in recent decades, the need for skilled workers in manufacturing remains strong.

“I always wanted to do something in science, and the Upper Valley area and its strong manufacturing culture really helped me find what I was passionate about,” says Emma, who is studying Mechanical Engineering Technology at Vermont Tech.

An athlete in high school, Emma initially thought she wanted to study bio-medical engineering. But after two internships—including one her senior year at Hypertherm in Lebanon, New Hampshire—made her reconsider and focus on mechanical and manufacturing engineering.

Emma chose to study at Vermont Tech because of its affordability, excellent job placement rate, and practical application opportunities for students.

“Larger schools don’t necessarily put you in anything hands-on until you are an upper classman,” she says. “During my first semester, I was in a manufacturing lab and loved every minute of it. There were so many different topics that came together in one place. “

After she completes the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program, she plans to enroll in the Manufacturing Engineering Program after to further her studies.

“I’m really enjoying my college career right now. I can get all my work done and also have fun,” she says. “I found that the environment created by my teachers is really great for my learning style, and I also like that my work is goal-oriented and career-oriented.”

She adds, “Everything that we do at Vermont Tech has a practical application that we apply to the real world and in the lab. The quality of work that we put out is what employers look for.”

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    Engineering and Computing

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    Windsor, VT