Elizabeth “Becky” Steele

Becky started her journey as a nurse in Iowa, obtaining her LPN license through a community college in 1995. She then moved to Brattleboro and said, “I started looking for colleges in the area to continue on with my nursing education and discovered that VTC had taken over the Thompson School for Practical Nurses in Brattleboro and added their ADN program! In spite of the fact that we had to use Vermont Interactive Television for classes, I was thrilled that my nursing education would be delivered to me right where I lived!” Becky graduated from Vermont Tech in 2000 with her Associate in Nursing (ADN).

“Vermont Tech has played a tremendous role in both my nursing education and in my career as a nurse educator. VTC’s nursing program is top of the line. The faculty and instructors I had as a student were outstanding. Teachers communicated their own love for the nursing profession to their students and they made sure we understood all possible aspects of nursing before we graduated. It provided a strong foundation for me as I entered the nursing profession,” Becky described. Even before she graduated, Becky had already been offered a job and pursued that position, as she knew she wanted to work on the medical surgical floor. She explained, “I knew that would give me the most comprehensive experiences before I specialized. I worked there for 7 years and in the ED for 8 years. I was encouraged by one of my instructors to apply for the med/surg position as she felt it would be a good fit for me.”

Becky received her Bachelors of Nursing at University of Vermont and her Masters of Nursing from Walden University. She expressed, “This enabled me to teach at the college level at Vermont Tech and now in the classroom at Windham Regional Career Center. I love nursing and I love to teach it.” Becky taught at Vermont Tech from 2011 to 2021 as a Clinical Associate and then took the Southeast Region Site Director position. Becky stated, “I transitioned to the Windham Regional Career Center where I am now teaching Vermont Tech’s Anatomy and Physiology I while helping the career center revitalize their Health Sciences program.”

In addition to teaching, Becky has worked as a nurse in long-term care, on the medical surgical floors, and the Emergency Department at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital (BMH) until she came to Vermont Tech. “My favorite part of my job has always been teaching nursing. I was a preceptor on the floors at BMH for many years and this help instill my love of passing on nursing to others,” she communicated.

Becky’s favorite memory at Vermont Tech is the day she graduated, expressing, “I was so excited. My whole family attended! And it turned out that it was the only graduation ceremony that I was able to attend throughout the rest of my programs, so it holds very special memories for me.”

Guidance Becky gives is, “I would advise anyone wanting to get into nursing to be sure this is something they KNOW they should do. Nursing is not just a career, it is a calling. It becomes who you are in so many ways. The VTC nursing program, as all nursing programs should be, is extremely challenging and rigorous. As one ADN student said to me “I knew when I signed up to go into the VTC nursing program that VTC would ‘own’ me for the next two years. I was prepared to give them all of my time and energy to complete this program.” It really does take that level of commitment. The students who have devoted themselves to the program at this level are the ones who have succeeded.”

As Vermont Tech takes some time to thank ALL of the nurses during National Nurses Week, we want to specifically recognize those who have been in the field over the last two years of the pandemic as Becky said on all of our behalf: “The men and women who cared for patients while putting their lives and health on the line are truly heroes.”

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    Nursing and Health Professions

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    Brattleboro, VT