Diora Kania

Diora and her family moved to Vermont after visiting during leaf peeping season. She returned to Wisconsin for high school, where she took some AP science courses for college prep. When she was 21, Diora made it back to Vermont, where her love of the outdoors fit in perfectly with the active Vermont lifestyle.

“I enjoy the outdoors so any time spent outside is time well spent.  I have a deep love for horses and have spent my life finding ways to keep them in my life.”

Diora chose Vermont Tech for the Renewable Energy program, the only one of its kind in Vermont. Other aspects of Vermont Tech’s culture appealed to her as well, like the small class sizes and the high job placement rate of graduates.

Her transition into college from the working world was tough. “I am a returning student with a three year old son, and the transition was hard to say the least but the faculty and staff have been so accommodating and helpful.”

Diora says she has rediscovered her love for science with Joan Richmond Hall’s chemistry classes.  “Joan has really allowed and help me to blossom into a polished inquisitor.”

She says fear held her back for a long time, but that’s changed after getting a few semesters under her belt. “After my first year of math and science here, I feel empowered. I always struggled with math, but here I am at a technical college prospering.”

Diora is excited for her next years at Vermont Tech. Her advice for new students? “Ask questions, lots and lots of questions!”

  • School

    Agriculture, Plant, and Animal Sciences

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  • Hometown

    Milwaukee, WI