Chris Burgess

There are few industries evolving as fast as Electromechanical Engineering Technology,  but Chris Burgess says Vermont Tech prepared him well for whatever might occur. From day one, he was taught how to troubleshoot and problem-solve, which helped him understand how new pieces and devices fit into the larger picture.

“I learned how to design an industrial control scheme, get it plugged in and programmed; and then how to maintain and update it,” Chris recalls. “Understanding these controls means knowing how to read schematics thoroughly, and that plays an enormous role in manufacturing.”

Even as a child growing up in Colchester, Chris had always learned best through hands-on experience, so he was well-suited to Vermont Tech’s approach. The small class sizes meant he could really get to know his professors and peers and the internships he served while in college helped him see where classroom lessons were applicable within the industry.

“Potential employers loved seeing VTC on my resume,” says Chris. “They knew it meant they were talking with someone who could keep up in a fast-paced world.”

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