Catherine Dewey, MSN, RN

Hello my name is Candy, although officially it is Catherine, and that confuses many. My nursing career began when I decided that watering 35 horses in the winter in Vermont was not what I wanted to do with my life. My hands were frozen that cold day when it became very clear to me that I needed another profession. It began at VTC as a Veterinary Assistant (this was before Vet Tech’s existed). During that time, I became an EMT and realized how important and highly regarded nurses were. I quickly decided that I wanted to be a nurse. I initially received my ADN from Vermont College in Montpelier. After 10 years at the bedside in the MICU I went back to Norwich and completed my BSN. After many more years in the MICU I went back to Norwich and I was in their first MSN online class. My MSN is in nursing administration.

During my years in the MICU I also became a clinical instructor for Norwich and Vermont Tech for semesters at a time, as needed. In my ICU work I was a staff nurse, a clinical coordinator, and a nurse educator. After graduating with my MSN I moved out of the ICU to manage a large floor with 7 different services. From there I moved to my first critical access hospital as a Nursing Director. Then I began as a clinical associate for VTC, and 3 years later became a full-time assistant professor in the first-year nursing program.

I am a board member of the AACN Horizons Chapter. I am a past chair and day coordinator for our Biennial AACN Horizons Conference. This includes up to 13 chapters throughout New England working together to provide cutting edge education for ICU and acute care nurses. I am also a member of the local VT Green Mountain Chapter of AACN. I have been a certified critical care nurse for over 30 years – CCRN. I am also a board member of the ANA-VT professional organization.

I was a volunteer Advanced EMT with Stowe Rescue for 35 years. I raised 3 amazing children. And I never outgrew my addiction to horses. I currently have many horses, along with dogs, cats, chickens, a goat, and a bunny.

  • School

    Nursing and Health Professions

  • Role

    Assistant Professor

  • Department(s)

  • Degrees

    MS, BS, Norwich University