Carly Tedesco

Looking at the pearly, white smile of her dental hygienist did more than just encourage Carly Tedesco to brush and floss between meals. It also helped her envision a career path as early as age. If her hygienist was so happy, it must be a fulfilling job!

Vermont Tech offered Carly the flexibility she was seeking in higher education. Once she finished the two year associate’s degree program she was able to earn credits toward a bachelor’s at her own pace. The brand new, state-of-the-art clinic in Williston was a draw as well, says Carly, and she soon realized that there was more to being a dental hygienist than cleaning teeth.

“We educate people on critical issues of dental health,” Carly says. “At Vermont Tech, I realized how important and useful this work is. We can, as dental hygienists, literally reverse disease into health.”

Carly is most grateful for the faculty’s faith in her even when she struggled as a student. Her first full-time position was in the clinic of her supervising dentist. From there, she discovered Vermont Tech had a whole network of practitioners and researchers that could help her develop as a professional.

“After I received my license, I decided that a B.S. would allow me to take on other roles outside the clinic — public roles in sales, research, education, and policy,” says Carly. “My education at VTC really helped me understand the profession. When I graduated, I wasn’t afraid to roll up my sleeves and do the work.”

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  • School

    Nursing and Health Professions

  • Class of...

    2007 & 2012