Brendan Rowley

Brendan Rowley is a native Vermonter and a graduate of the Vermont Tech Dairy Farm Management program. Brendan is working on his family’s fourth generation dairy farm in Milton. His daily tasks include feeding the 180 cows and milking them in the evening.
“I have also taken pride in becoming the herdsman, mainly focusing on the health of newborn calves and mature cows.”
The local farm relies on the support of his close-knit family for crops and replacement heifers.

Brendan participated in the 2+2 FARMS program, a collaboration between Vermont Tech and UVM to train the next generation of Vermont farmers. Participants of this program spend 2 years earning an associate’s degree at Vermont Tech while working on the 500-acre farm at the Randolph Center Campus, then 2 years at UVM where they get to focus on a specialization related to their interests.

“The Associate’s degree I earned at Vermont Tech in Dairy Farm Management truly was a quick two years, however, those four semesters of intense education provided me with an incredible and irreplaceable experience.”

Students in the Dairy Farm Management Associates program get real-world experience participating in the managing and operating of a farmstead.
“During that time I experienced a more involved and personal management of a dairy farm, learning new techniques and innovative ideas at the Vermont Tech farm.”

Brendan and his classmates were excited to be involved in so many facets of the operation. Brendan says he got experience in everything, “From regular twice a day chores and milking, artificial insemination, palpation of ovaries, physical examination, forage harvesting, and overall dairy management, and many more crucial aspects to being a successful dairy farmer!”

During his second year, Brendan also learned more about management and communication skills.
“We, as students were in charge on the weekends, as we collaboratively learned how to interact, delegate, and manage projects. Without my education at Vermont Technical College, I would not be the manager, or person, I have become.”

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