Brandon Mansfield

Brandon has always been a hands-on learner, he chose Vermont for the small-school atmosphere and history of practical learning. Brandon says he hopes to take over his family’s farm when he is ready, he even took a gap year to Ireland and Scotland to experience new and different farming techniques.

“When I came home, I knew I wanted to go to VTC and study Diversified Agriculture.  My grandfather went here back in the late 60’s and got a lot out of his education so I was confident that I would as well.”

As with many Diversified Agriculture students, Brandon worked on Vermont Tech’s college farm. There he received a valuable education with a huge emphasis on “do-it-yourself” learning. He says that the farm staff are all good salt of the earth people and are very patient when teaching students, “A great group of people that are geared to learning the same things you want to and have passions for.”

Brandon encourages prospective Agriculture students to go and try out a lot of different types of farming and jobs.  “You may want to be a goat farmer who makes their own cheese and does maple sugaring in the spring and sells hay in the summer. You never know what will turn you on to something new!”

Brandon was involved with clubs on campus, like the Dairy Club. Brandon likes to play guitar and work with his work horses. His passion for hiking to see beautiful views is well met on the mountains of Vermont.

  • School

    Agriculture, Plant, and Animal Sciences

  • Class of...


  • Hometown

    Starksboro, VT

  • Campus Activities

    Dairy Club
    Works on the Vermont Tech Farm