Brad Pecue

Brad has seen his BS in Business Technology & Management from Vermont Tech lead him to a career as a Senior Digital Strategist of Enterprise Dealership Partners at in Burlington.

A key aspect of Brad’s job is communicating industry trends and marketing research to the owners of car dealerships, as well as making sure those ideas are put into practice. At first, his job felt like a corporate desk job. However, he soon realized how crucial his role is.

“As I continued to learn more, it really hit me when I took my first dealership visit,” he said. “While I may just be consulting over the phone a majority of the time, my recommendations can make or break a multi-million dollar dealership with 100 plus employees.”

He continued to note his job “requires huge amounts of confidence, as well as very sharp and quick critical thinking skills to know what to say, and how to say it—especially in a way that will come across in a way folks will understand and appreciate.”
How did he get to the point where he has the confidence and critical thinking skills to manage large car dealerships five years after graduation?

Long hours studying and strong communication skills honed inside the classroom.

“Growing up, I was attracted to business seeing as my entire family was in the ‘business’ sector. Not knowing which specific direction I wanted to go in, I decided a Bachelor’s degree would leave multiple doors open for deciding which path I wanted to go down,” Brad said. “I would definitely choose the business major again if given the option. It really is a great degree.”

His fondest memories of college were studying, learning the nuances of communicating within the workplace and researching a senior project which continues to influence him today.

“The countless hours we spent preparing both our associates and bachelors presentations were something I won’t forget. I still to this day exercise Lean Practices in most things I do,” he said. Brad’s career started when he landed his first job three months before graduation, in part thanks to creating a resume with the Career Development Center.

He notes, “When you can market yourself well enough, [a business] can favor Vermont Techs students as we’re top-notch candidates who have had a quality education taught by the best professors and teachers in Vermont.”

Brad has received four promotions at which lead him to his current position consulting with car dealerships nationwide.

“Vermont Tech did an awesome job at preparing me for getting out into the business field.”

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