Ashley Hemenway

Becoming a nurse is exactly what Ashley Hemenway set her sights on back in high school. The Fairfax resident, who is a student in the Associate Degree in Nursing program, enrolled in a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) weekend program during her senior year to help start her on a health care career path.  The program paid off and helped steer Ashley toward Vermont Tech.

“The college search process for me was not too difficult, based on the fact that once I discovered Vermont Tech’s program—and how it allowed you to obtain licensure after each year—I knew that it was where I wanted to go,” she says.

Ashley says she chose Vermont Tech based on its small class size, extended sites that made it more accessible for her to attend, multiple programs built into one, and opportunities for hands-on experience.

“I definitely learn best by doing and practicing the skill that I am learning. This was one of the deciding factors in choosing Vermont Tech’s nursing program,” Ashley says. “Through the entire program, you have the opportunity to practice the skills being taught on patients in a clinical setting.”

Ashely now works as a nurse at Champlain OBGYN

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  • School

    Nursing and Health Professions

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  • Hometown

    Fairfax, VT