Amber Wescott

“I transferred to Vermont Tech after a year at the Community College of Vermont. The transfer was pretty difficult, the program’s schedule and workload was more rigorous then CCV but it helped having faculty and staff that cared about me and my academic success.”

“I chose Vermont Tech because it was small, local, and the employment placement rate was high. Knowing that when I graduated I would have a job was really reassuring. My classes are so fun! Every class is small, hands-on, and most importantly pertinent to my career.”

“I have always had an interest in education, health, science, and medicine. Dental hygiene embodies all of my interests. I also wanted a career that would allow me to give back to my community. Health disparities are prevalent in every community. In the future I hope my education can help me to reduce them.”

One person who helped Amber through the college search process was Shawn McElwain in Admissions at Vermont Tech. “We had many conversations prior to my enrollment at Vermont Tech. He helped me get in touch with the right people to apply and register. He was the first face I saw once I was accepted and visiting the campus. I have always appreciated his warm friendly demeanor.”

“Karen McGovern at VSAC has helped me to figure out how to pay for college every year. Without the help of scholarships and grants I would not be graduating in May.”

“I am a participant of the TRiO program. This program helps first-generation college students with academic tutoring and career services. The tutoring I have received from Jackie Burke has helped me to turn in my best work and win scholarships. I have also utilized the career services offered by Karry Booska. Karry helped me to prepare a dynamite resume that highlights the best of me, and helped me with interviewing skills. The time spent with her helped me to land my dream job!”

“My immediate goal is to complete my Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene in spring of 2022. The ultimate goal I have for my career is to help propel the field of dental hygiene to its fullest potential. The health paradigm is slowly changing to one of prevention versus restorative. Hygienists are going to need to be key players in making this change happen. I see myself working on bills to change health policies or bills to increase the scope of practice for dental hygienist.”

“I love serving my community. I have had my fair share of difficult times that require help, and I remember being so relieved and appreciative that someone was helping me. I love knowing that I am making someone else’s life a little easier in those difficult times. I also love improving people’s health. I love seeing that ‘ah-ha’ moment on people’s faces when they have made the connection that their oral health affects their overall health and vise versa.”

“The advice I have for incoming students would be to have a good handle on time management. School is a priority when you pay for it, but you need to be able to enjoy life too. Eating and sleeping well really do matter.”

“The clubs I learned about this year, that I found interesting were the astronomy club and the robotics club. Both of these clubs are pretty hands on. And of course if you are a dental hygiene student I encourage you to join and run for executive board of SMADHA. Getting involved with your professional organization even as a student is how change happens.”

“If you come to Vermont Tech and leave without taking Crime and Punishment with Professor Alexis Paige, you have cheated yourself. I loved that class! Professor Paige makes learning about the criminal justice system enjoyable and engaging.”

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    Nursing and Health Professions

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    Winooski, VT