Abhishek Agarwal, Ph.D.

Professor Agarwal is a well-experienced higher education professional embedded with an interdisciplinary background to induct modern technologies in the field of engineering along with mixed exposure to Business Management/Industrial Engineering/ information technologies, all in terms of Undergraduate and Postgraduate level, including core elective subjects for research scholars.

He obtained B. Tech., M. Tech., PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering and M.B.A. in Marketing Management. He achieved both B. Tech. and M. Tech with distinction. As a published researcher, he has authored or co-authored three books and over 70 publications in peer-reviewed journals and at international conferences. In addition, he is the Editorial board member and reviewer of various international journals.

He is a recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award at the University of Botswana; and has served various prestigious institutions in India and Southern Africa for over a decade. He conducted higher education teaching, research, and community service with his team and performed extensive management tasks. Beyond his academic contributions, he is a chartered engineer, an active member of several professional societies, and advisory board member of educational institutions. He is a certified curriculum Assessor & has a great interest in web designing, cycling, yoga, journalism and student outreach activities.