The TRIO/SSS program is a federally funded program aimed at helping first generation, low-income students, or students with a disability succeed in college.

These grants originated over 50 years ago and are meant to 'level the playing field' for students who were historically less likely to succeed in college. Each year, usually 75% of incoming Vermont Tech students are eligible under one of these criteria.

The national TRIO motto is "TRIO works". This is exemplified by the fact that in the fall of 2018, only 4% of Vermont Tech students placed on academic probation were in our TRIO program.

The TRIO/SSS Program offers:

  • Study skills assistance
  • Career counseling and occupational information
  • Transfer counseling and resume assistance
  • Individual tutoring for most courses
  • Personal and academic issues
  • Peer mentoring from a successful Vermont Tech student for first-year TRIO students
  • Learning style assessment so that you study smarter foryour style instead of more using a style that is not yours
  • Regular meetings with a professional staff

If you would like to see if you qualify for the TRIO/SSS program, call (802) 728-1396 to arrange for a short interview and complete an application.