Textbooks & Supplies

College Bookstore

The college bookstore, which is owned and operated by Follett Corporation, offers new or used book purchasing, book rentals, digital books, supplies, equipment, college clothing and apparel, gifts, sundries and much more. The cost of required textbooks and supplies vary depending on the program in which a student is enrolled. Typically, these costs amount to approximately $600 +/- per semester (these do not include tools or uniforms needed for specific programs).*

The bookstore accepts credit cards, debit cards and cash. Books may also be charged to a students account if the student shows a pending credit for the term in which they wish to purchase. Full-time students can purchase books for an upcoming semester 30 days prior to the start of classes if charging to their student account, otherwise you can purchase them anytime when paying out of pocket.

Purchasing can be done on-line or you may phone them directly at 802-728-9265 or stop by in person with your student I.D. 

* Tools for Automotive and Construction Practice Management and uniforms/equipment for Allied Health Programs are purchases that are done separately with other vendors and are NOT allowed to be charged to a student's account. Please contact the director of your program for these purchases. You may choose to take additional loans to purchase these and will be issued a refund when a credit is created on your account to purchase the tools or uniforms. Please note that at earliest, these refunds won’t occur until after the two week add/drop period of the semester (around mid-September for fall purchases and February for spring purchases) if all paperwork with the Financial Aid Office is in place.