Current Student Registration

Returning students, for spring and subsequent terms, register with the advice and consent of their academic advisors during registration. The registration periods are annotated on the academic calendar in the Vermont Tech catalog. During registration, students meet with their advisors and may be registered or register themselves. Students should follow these Top Tasks before meeting with their advisor.

View Your Program Evaluation

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View Course Offerings

View Class Schedules for individual semesters

Download block schedules to assist you with selecting courses to satisfy degree requirements

If you'd like to search for sections, please visit Search for Sections.

Register on the VTC Portal

Register for your courses via the VTC Portal by following the steps below. Click here for printable online registration information.

  • Log in to your account at
  • Under Web Services on the right:
    • Select Student Registration
    • Select Register for Sections
  • Click on Register for Section, select the upcoming term, and search for your classes by filling in at least 2 fields.
  • Choose your course(s) and click Submit.
  • Using the drop down list, choose Register and final step, click Submit.
  • Return to Student Academic Profile to verify your VSC class schedule.