Chemical Safety

There is a June 1, 2016 deadline to comply with the United Nations Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. Most of the responsibility is on chemical manufacturers and importers. They are required to classify chemicals, label them appropriately, and provide Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

In order to be in compliance, Vermont Tech must:

  • Labeling

    • Keep labels on shipped containers.
    • Label workplace containers where required.
  • Safety Data Sheets

    • Maintain safety data sheets for each hazardous chemical in the workplace.
    • Ensure that safety data sheets are readily accessible to employees.
    • (Material) Safety Data Sheets must be available where chemicals are stored or used. When a new Safety Data Sheet (SDS) arrives, employees should check to see if the content has been updated and replace, if necessary.
  • Training

    • Train employees on the hazardous chemicals in their work area before initial assignment, and when new hazards are introduced.
    • Include the requirements of the standard, hazards of chemicals, appropriate protective measures, and where and how to obtain additional information.

If you currently work with chemicals and haven’t received HazCom training, please contact Human Resources at (802) 728-1530.

If there is a chemical in your work environment that is not currently in use, please contact Rachel Krevetski or Ted Manazir for proper disposal.