Financial Aid Refunds

A refund is issued for excess funds that have been applied to a student's account after deducting tuition and fees that have been billed at the point the credit appears.  Refund checks are issued on Wednesday of each week, after the two-week Add/Drop period of each semester, and all paper checks will be mailed out to the student’s home address on file and made payable to the student.  Funds are not available for pick-up at the office.

Students can receive their refund more quickly by signing up for Direct Deposit of their refund check.  This will ensure that the money is posted directly to the student's bank account in a timely fashion. To sign up for direct deposit of a refund check, follow the steps below. (Must be an Authorized User to set up Direct Deposit account)

Go to the VSC portal and log in

  • Log-in to the VSC Portal
  • Select “Click here to visit Self Service” under the Self Service box on the right hand side of the Vermont Tech Home page
  • Log-in using your Portal User ID & password
  • Select Student Finance
  • Select the “Make a Payment/Add Authorized User/Set Up Payment Plan” link at the top of the page and log in under Student & Staff using your Portal User ID & password
  • Select “Refunds” then choose “Set Up Account” and complete the form
  • Students/Parents must decide which account to deposit any excess money to as only one account can be entered.  Credit cards cannot be entered to send a refund to, only a checking or savings account

Potential schedule of 1st check run of refunds for each semester (subject to change):

  • Fall term: Wednesday, September 18, 2019
  • Winter term (PN students only): Wednesday, December 18, 2019
  • Spring term (non PN students): Wednesday, February 12, 2020
  • Spring2 term (PN students only): Wednesday, April 29, 2020