Center for Academic Success

College life is always challenging. At Vermont Tech, classes and programs can be demanding. We are here to help each student meet his/her individual challenges with college academics and college life.

The Center for Academic Success can help with:

  • Academics
  • Non-academic skills that are necessary for academic success, such as study skills, stress, and time management
  • Social adjustment to college life
  • Financial literacy and financial issues

Our services are free of charge to all Vermont Tech students on every campus via in-person meetings, Zoom, email, or telephone.

Services we offer:

  • Academic tutoring for most classes, available at all campuses for most subjects, one hour per week per subject.
  • Counseling for those personal issues that get in the way of your academic success.
  • Help with accessing accommodations for learning differences and disabilities.
  • Assistance with study skills, time management, and stress management
  • Career planning and transfer services
  • Assistive technology resources

In addition, the Center for Academic Success has been awarded a Federal TRIO Grant to provide additional assistance to students who are first-generation college students, students with disabilities and/or students with a median family income.

The TRIO grant helps us provide all the services above, plus, through TRIO we:

  • Award yearly TRIO Opportunity Grants
  • Administer the learning style inventory to maximize your student skills: study smarter rather than more
  • Provide financial literacy assistance and information for the college years and beyond
  • Provide transfer assistance to continue your degree
  • Provide resume assistance for internships and post-degree employment