Advanced Manufacturing

As a college, Vermont Tech is committed to being a source of competitive advantage for the State of Vermont’s employers and specifically the advanced, technology-based manufacturers.

With a quality infrastructure, we are able to educate the skilled workforce in demand at Vermont manufacturing companies. We are enthusiastic about our ability to improve the laboratory infrastructure at our Williston and Randolph Center campuses with the State appropriation of $1M for FY2016 and $500,000 for FY2017. Donations may already be made online to help the college raise the $500,000 matching funds needed to be eligible for the FY2017 appropriation.


Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory - Location: Randolph Center

These laboratory upgrades will provide applied learning opportunities in design, testing, reverse engineering, additive manufacturing and operations. The facility will include a design room with 3D prototyping equipment, a production room with new CNC mills and lathes, Virtual Workstations and use of virtual lab instruments and a metrology lab for teaching how to test and validate the tolerances of manufactured goods. These spaces are utilized by mechanical and manufacturing engineering students readying for jobs at some of Vermont’s leading manufacturers.

Electrical Engineering Technology Laboratory - Location: Williston and Randolph Center

Equipment and lab station upgrades will enhance learning experiences by offering applied instruction on contemporary equipment such as Virtual Workstations, 3D printers, and a graphene CVD tool and others in order to sustain the high level of preparation for which our electrical engineering technology graduates are known. These upgrades provide students with the opportunity to utilize current industry trends in virtual instrumentation and software tools in their product development and manufacturing.


  • Each laboratory project includes equipment upgrades that relate directly to current industry trends and the needs of Vermont manufacturers.  Our students will gain hands-on experience with industry-grade machinery, tools, robotics, etc. that are currently used by PC Construction, IBM/Global Foundries, GE Aviation, GS Precision, GW Plastics, NRG Systems, AllEarth Renewables, UTC, Hypertherm, and the Vermont Agency of Transportation, among many others.
  • Vermont’s economic growth strategies identify a number of priority sectors in which Vermont Tech can play a significant role, including advanced manufacturing, renewable energy, green businesses, etc.  These upgraded laboratories will help deliver a well-trained, well-educated workforce for the Vermont economy.
  • Vermont Tech is a leader in applied learning methodology, providing students with hands-on experiences with technology used by industry leaders.  Our graduates have been called “plug and play” by employers for their unique ability to understand and implement technology immediately.  The ability of the college to maintain this level of excellence and to support these industries going forward requires this upgrade in the quality of our laboratory equipment.

VERMONT TECH’S JOBS AND ADVANCED EDUCATION PLACEMENT DATA FOR THE GRADUATES OF 2014 IS 96%. A substantial upgrade in the quality of our infrastructure will only strengthen our ability to serve Vermont students and industry effectively.

For more information about Vermont Tech's link to workforce development and business/industry support, please contact:

Maureen Hebert - Director, Continuing Education & Workforce Development  @  or (802) 879-2336