Student Profiles


Jennifer Weaver

Jennifer Weaver was browsing Front Porch Forum when she discovered the Strengthening Working Families Initiative (SWFI). She called Julia Goldstein, SWFI Student Support Services, and the rest is history. Jennifer has been a stay at home mom since her child was born... Read More >


Brittany Haymon

Brittany Haymon is a Springfield native. She had her first child at a young age, but her family is close and continues to support her goals. “My parents are helpful, I am grateful for them, especially my father.”

Brittany heard about the Certified Production Technician course from... Read More >


NyKia Reid

NyKia discovered the Certified Production Technician Course through the Parent Child Center, but it was her dream employer that encouraged her to learn more. She says, “I had plans to apply to a [local engineering firm], I was talking to someone there and she recommended the SWFI program, I figured I would give it a shot.”

NyKia has a family member that works at a local engineering... Read More >



Samantha Daniels

Architectural Engineering Technology

“Ever since I was a kid I have always learned from actively doing things.”

Samantha Daniels grew up learning about construction in a hands-on setting. When she was a child, she helped her family by working on sheds, garages, and even homes. That’s when she discovered her love of building things. Samantha studies... Read More >


Brandon's headshot

Brandon Mansfield

Diversified Agriculture

Brandon has always been a hands-on learner, he chose Vermont for the small-school atmosphere and history of practical learning. Brandon says he hopes to take over his family’s farm when he is ready, he even took a gap year to Ireland and Scotland to experience new and different farming techniques.

“When I came home, I knew I wanted to go to VTC and study Diversified Agriculture.  My... Read More >


Louie Terrwilliger

Dairy Farm Management

Louie Terwilliger started her college career at a large university. But says she struggled with the larger class sizes and lack of hands-on learning. She came to Vermont Tech for the 2+2 FARMS scholarship and is now enrolled in the Dairy Farm... Read More >


Elisabeth and her favorite plane

Elisabeth Hoehn

Professional Pilot Technology

When Elisabeth was growing up, frequent trips to Germany to visit extended family sparked her interest in planes. Her desire to fly led her to the Vermont Tech Professional Pilot Technology program, “It always seemed unattainable until I found the VAST program.”

Elisabeth was a student in the Vermont Academy of Science and Technology, a Vermont Tech high school program where... Read More >


Diora Kania

Renewable Energy

Diora and her family moved to Vermont after visiting during leaf peeping season. She returned to Wisconsin for high school, where she took some AP science courses for college prep. When she was 21, Diora made it back to Vermont, where her love of the outdoors fit in perfectly with the active Vermont lifestyle.

“I enjoy the outdoors so any time spent outside is time well spent.  I... Read More >


Dillon Delano

Dillon Delano

Architectural Engineering Technology

Dillon Delano has been around construction since he was a child, he has always been fascinated with the behind-the-scene details and the complex systems of buildings. Dillon studies Architectural Engineering Technology at Vermont Tech, and it’s safe to say, he’s right where he belongs.

Vermont Tech is an affordable way to get a specialized education where students of all majors get... Read More >



Vanessa Griswold

Architectural Engineering Technology

Vanessa came to Vermont Tech looking to get more out of her education. She was excited to leave high school and feel the challenge of a college curriculum. She was the first in her family to attend college, but that didn't scare her. Vanessa is a student in the Architectural Engineering Technology... Read More >


Bethany Bosch

Bethany Bosch

Civil & Environmental Engineering Technology

“After swimming the English Channel in 2014, I truly believed I could do anything with myself and my life.  Vermont Tech is one of the ways I am continuing to become the best version of myself.”

Based on her education goals, time, and finances available to her, Bethany knew Vermont Tech would be a perfect fit. She was already a professional in the... Read More >


Ari Goldstein

Construction Management

Ari Goldstein has always been a go-getter. This Houston, TX resident is studying Construction Management and says he wants to be successful to make his father and uncle proud. His father supported his decision to go to college.

“The help I had was meeting with my writing tutor who helped me write my... Read More >


Photo of Sadie Conroy

Sadie Conroy

Dental Hygiene

Back in high school, Sadie Conroy got a jump-start on her college career. While growing up in Bloomfield, her high school had a partnership with a local community college, giving her the opportunity to take college courses before graduating.

That experience helped prepare her well for a college career. Not only did she earn 27 college credits, all of which were transferrable to... Read More >


Katie Colligan

Diesel Technology

Katie Colligan is no stranger to cars, her father has been an automotive technician for over 30 years, and she wants to follow him into the family business.

“The idea of following in my dad's footsteps really jumped out to me so when I started looking at college I knew I wanted to get a degree in Automotive... Read More >


Brad Remillard

Brad Remillard

Electromechanical Engineering

As a first-generation college student, Brad Remillard has seen his parents struggle to support a family.

Both his parents work hard, with his dad on third shift for 16 years.

That “took a toll on family life,” he says. “My parents got divorced when I was 10, and although it was hard on my sister and me, they were always civil with each other because they still wanted us to... Read More >


Ashley White nuzzled by a horse she just groomed

Ashley White

Equine Studies

“I chose Equine Studies because I have always loved horses more than anything in my life. When I found out I could go to school for that, I knew that's what I was going to do, regardless of what other people told me.”

Vermont Tech offers a hands-on Equine Studies degree that involves training in everything from... Read More >


Marc Griffith

Equine Studies

Marc Griffith originally attended college in the early 80’s.  His life-long love of horses and desire to learn more about them encouraged Marc to return to college for a degree in Equine Studies.

“Initially I was somewhat apprehensive about returning to school. After a few days of awkwardness, I settled in and feel totally comfortable now.”

Vermont Tech’s Equine Studies... Read More >



Doireann Chesbrough

Fire Science

When Doireann was exploring colleges, Vermont Tech was advertised as having 96% job placement rate, our most recent report has that same rate at 100%. She is excited to join the workforce after she graduates, preferably in an urban fire department around Burlington, and Vermont Tech has a history of delivering on that goal.

“When I... Read More >


Courtney Clark

Fire Science

Courtney was originally looking to become a Vet Tech. She was even accepted into our very selective Veterinary Technology program, but when she toured the Randolph Center Campus with her stepfather, everything changed.

“My stepdad wanted to see about the Fire Science major as I am also a volunteer firefighter in my... Read More >


Headshot of Deema

Deema AL Namee

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

As a kid, Deema AL Namee enjoyed tinkering around the house and fixing things. It led her to target a career in engineering. 

“I went for mechanical engineering for the wide range of jobs that would be available after college,” she says. “I knew that I liked working with my hands.” By the time she had earned her associate's degree, she set her sights on the new... Read More >


William in class

William Guillen

Respiratory Therapy

William Guillen likes helping people. He is fascinated by the human body and how it works and wanted a career that reflected that. William is part of the Respiratory Therapy program at Vermont Tech. It’s a fast-paced program designed to be completed in two years.

“This career brings you to the helm of the... Read More >


Chris Farnsworth

Chris Farnsworth

Software Engineering

Chris Farnsworth is a problem solver. The Vermont Tech graduate student, who is pursuing a master’s degree in Computer Software Engineering, says he thrives on learning new things and determining how software works at a fundamental level. Ultimately, he wants to develop software and solve complex problems... Read More >


Photo of Melaney MacKay

Melaney MacKay

Business Technology & Management

When Melaney MacKay graduated from high school in 2010, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do for a career. She moved to Canada to go to college, but after a year realized she wanted to return home. Three years later at age 22, she decided to go to Vermont Tech, where she is studying Business Technology &... Read More >



Thomas Weening

Computer Information Technology

Thomas Weening knew he wanted to stay in Vermont when looking for colleges. He was particularly drawn to Vermont Tech because of the quality of the school’s programs as well as its location and size.

A student in the Computer Information Technology Program, Thomas is a Dean’s List student and became a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society during his first year on campus.

... Read More >


Rachael Burt

Rachael Burt

Dairy Farm Management

Rachael Burt came to Vermont Tech from an extremely small town. She admits that when she first came to college, she felt some trepidation. Others who had left her hometown had suggested higher education would be overwhelming and exhausting, but Rachael quickly learned that this was not the case.

“When I finally got here and started, I knew that it was just a small, sometimes... Read More >


Student Windsor Roy

Windsor Roy

Electrical Engineering Technology

As a 14th-generation Vermonter who grew up on a dairy farm, Windsor Roy knows about hard work. He’s a first-generation college student, and he doesn’t want to waste his hard-earned tuition money.

“I have worked since the first day I can remember to pay for college,” Windsor explains. “Even now I go home for the summer and weekends to Barnet, Vermont, to work on my parent’s farm. I... Read More >



Tony Ioannidis

Fire Science

Tony always planned to college to earn his degree and further his education. He knew that Vermont Tech would help him achieve his goals, all for an affordable investment. Tony ultimately chose Vermont Tech because it was the only college in Vermont with a Fire Science program. He is a commuter student, so location was a big... Read More >


Jack stands in the greenhouse

Jack Beauparlant

Landscape Design & Sustainable Horticulture

Landscaping has long been Jack Beauparlant’s passion. A student in the Landscape Design and Sustainable Horticulture Program, Jack enrolled in Vermont Tech with an already-established background in the field.   But until coming to Vermont Tech, he didn’t realize how much more there was for him to... Read More >


Student, Emma Saucier

Emma Saucier

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Growing up in Windsor, Vermont, helped Emma Saucier develop an appreciation for manufacturing.  Years ago, Vermont’s Upper Valley region was the manufacturing capital of Vermont. While the region’s manufacturing base has changed in recent decades, the need for skilled workers in manufacturing remains strong.

“I always wanted to do something in science, and the Upper Valley area and... Read More >



Pascal Siki Wa Siki

VAST Student

Pascal is a first generation student. He has four brothers that he hopes will follow in his footsteps and attend college also. Pascal attended high school in Winooski but came to the Vermont Academy of Science and Technology after his junior year. Pascal wanted more of a challenge, and VAST offered that by helping him complete his last year of high school and the first year of college... Read More >


Photo of Sarah Day

Sarah Day

Business Technology & Management

Military veteran Sarah Day is graduating from Vermont Tech at the age of 33.

Even though she may not be the typical age of a college student, Sarah doesn’t for a second feel out of place at Vermont Tech.

“What’s great about Vermont Tech is that there are students of many ages here. I’m certainly not the youngest student, but I’m not the oldest either,” she says. “I have never... Read More >


Student Kara Bazile

Kara Bazile

Business Technology & Management

In 2010, the ground shook Kara Bazile out of her home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She had to leave her native country after the earthquake and come to the US. She was accepted at Vermont Tech as part of her resettlement, so was genuinely pleased when she found out the college had small class sizes. Even then, she knew she would feel lost in a bigger school.

The class size alone wasn’t... Read More >


Dairy Farm Management student, Jonas Hastings

Jonas Hastings

Dairy Farm Management

Jonas Hastings is a self-described doer and tinkerer. He has held numerous jobs in his young life, but they have all been practical and hands-on work, like farming, animal husbandry, carpentry and landscaping. Not afraid to take chances, Jonas is willing to, “walk down dead-end roads,” in his path to find what he wants to do and change course as needed.

While in high school, Jonas... Read More >


Student Courtney Banach

Courtney Banach

Dairy Farm Management

Since she was 11, Courtney Banach has wanted to be a farmer. She was a “city kid,” growing up in South Burlington, with no ties to a family farm. Her mom enrolled her in summer camp, hoping to curb her of her farming fixation.

“Clearly, her plan backfired,” Courtney recalls, “because I attended the camp four more years and volunteered in the years after.”

In high school,... Read More >


Photo of Ashley Hemenway

Ashley Hemenway


Becoming a nurse is exactly what Ashley Hemenway set her sights on back in high school. The Fairfax resident, who is a student in the Associate Degree in Nursing program, enrolled in a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) weekend program during her senior year to help start her on a health care career path.  The program paid off and helped steer Ashley toward Vermont Tech.

“The college... Read More >


Jamie Heiam, Proffesional Pilot Technology student, flies a plane with her instructor on the Williston Campus

Jamie Heiam

Professional Pilot Technology (B.S.)

After five years in the Coast Guard, Jamie Heiam knew she wanted a four-year college degree that would propel her into a career and wouldn’t let her end up working in a coffee shop.

“I love to travel, and I was intrigued by aviation,” says Jamie, who had an international childhood thanks to the mobility of her father’s job. “Vermont Tech’s pilot program offers a college degree,... Read More >


Veterinary Technology student, Jenny Yang

Jenny Yang

Veterinary Technology

Jenny Yang is a First Generation college student who graduated from the Veterinary Technology associate degree program at Vermont Tech. She’s also a non-traditional Millennial who tried a number of human health programs and professions before breaking from her family’s wishes for her by pursuing her... Read More >