May 19 Update on the COVID-19 Coronavirus

19 May 2020

May 19, 2020

Vermont Tech has received authorization for students to begin returning to pick up belongings left in their residence hall rooms. This was passed on to the college by Dr. Levine, Commissioner of Health for Vermont. The Director of Residential Life, Theo Manzir, sent the following information to residential students today:

Due to the continued severity of the COVID-19 situation, it is imperative that the move out take place in a safe and controlled manner. Proper social distancing must be practiced at all times. Masks and gloves are required, and must be brought by the student.

Move outs will be allowed only under the criteria outlined below.  Per the order of the Governor, they will be staggered throughout several days with no more than twenty percent of students present on any one day to ensure that no one floor or residence hall is overcrowded. Students who arrive outside their scheduled time, or who do not follow proper procedure while on campus, will be asked to leave.

Make an email request to to sign up for a move-out slot. Move outs will take place 9:00AM – 7:00PM (last slot starts at 5pm), Monday – Friday, and 9:00AM -3:00PM (last slot starts at 1pm) Saturday and Sunday. Time slots will be 2 hours long. Your email should include:

  1. Your name.
  2. The name of the ONE person who will be assisting you. In order to keep exposure to a minimum, students may not bring more than one person to help.
  3. The proposed date and time you would like to come.
  4. Where you (and your one assistant) are traveling from. Students and their move-out assistant will only be allowed to move out if they are coming from a state that does not currently have a stay-at-home order in place.
  5. The name of your roommate, if you have one. In order to maintain social distancing, roommates will be unable to sign up for the same slot.
  6. Student Affairs staff will reply to your email confirming your appointment slot. Please do not attempt to come to campus until you have received a confirmation. Your card will be activated only for the time slot you have signed up for.
  7. Upon arriving to campus, please call Public Safety 802-728-1292 to check in. No one will meet you in person.
  8. Maintain proper social distance from anyone you encounter while moving your belongings out of your room.
  9. Once you have finished, please leave your key in the top desk drawer.

Any items left in the room after move out will be considered abandoned and thrown out, and the student will be charged any applicable fees.

Please note that all restrooms will be closed and are not open to the students or anyone that may be traveling with them.

If you notice anything that may be missing from your room, please contact Public Safety to fill out an incident report. The college will investigate, but is not responsible for, missing items.