June 12 Update on the COVID-19 Coronavirus

12 Jun 2020

June 12, 2020

Ana Gaillat, Dean of Academic Affairs, and Jason Enser, Dean of Students, shared updates with the college community about the fall academic calendar.

We are trying to minimize disruption, while keeping in mind the mandates that are still in place regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of this moment, we intend to start classes in-person as normally scheduled on August 24, 2020, with the caveat that out-of-state students may need to arrive on campus earlier in order to quarantine (i.e. either 7 days of quarantine and testing or 14 days quarantine, as called for by the State). Mandates for quarantine could change from now until the end of the summer and we will follow them as required.

Once the semester is underway, we will proceed without breaks until Thanksgiving in order to avoid sending students home and creating the need for further quarantining. From August until November, we will front-load the materials that require in-person delivery as much as possible. After the Thanksgiving break, students will not be returning to campus and will complete the semester remotely.

I want to emphasize that this is the state of our plans as of this moment but, given the uncharted nature of the situation, these plans could be modified in the future, should State directives require us to do so.

Also please note this does not apply to the PN nursing schedule. Anyone with questions about the academic calendar are invited to emailĀ communications@vtc.edu.