Vermont Tech works with many employers to provide internship experiences for students. An internship or externship is designed to introduce the student to real-world duties and responsibilities. This not only helps the students shape their own career objectives, but also helps them to prioritize and take best advantage of their remaining educational opportunities.

A company need not have a formal internship program in order to host a student, but should provide a position of responsibility for students in a professional environment, under the supervision of an on-site professional. In return, the business gains a valuable, cost-effective worker who provides hands-on assistance and can help catch up on work in busy seasons.

We welcome employers to engage our students in alternative settings. You are welcome to schedule on-campus interview days in the spring at Vermont Tech or arrange a tour of your facilities for Vermont Tech students. Contact us for details.

Requirements such as duration of internship, start/end date, and other administrative details vary by college major. Pay rate is typically not set, but rather negotiated between the student and employer. While some students will receive college credit for their internship, please keep in mind that many students rely on their summer or part-time jobs to help cover the costs of education.

To post an internship or summer job on our database click here. You can also contact Karry Booska, Director of Career Development at (802) 728-1320 or to discuss internship opportunities.