School of General Education

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The School of General Education is comprised of the Mathematics Department, the Science Department, and the English, Humanities, and Social Sciences Department.

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The School of General Education at Vermont Tech is committed to fostering in all students an appreciation for the major domains of human intellectual achievement.  We provide opportunities for students to refine skills in critical thinking, scientific, quantitative, qualitative, and ethical reasoning, information literacy, and written and oral communication.  We seek to nurture civic, cultural and global awareness and responsibility, to celebrate diversity and common values; to foster lifelong learning; to master analytical thinking to systematically tackle real world issues through experimentation, and to produce a well-rounded graduate.

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We know that times may be strange right now but, we are still working with prospective students to help them discover if Vermont Tech is right for them. We encourage you to reach out to us if you’d like to arrange a virtual or telephone appointment.

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