Matt Gallagher

Professor & Department Chair
Matt Gallagher

Full Time
Electrical/Electromechanical Engineering Technology
[P](802) 879-2324
BS, University of Vermont; PhD, Dartmouth College

Matt Gallagher has been teaching in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Vermont Tech since 2003.  His concentration is in embedded engineering systems that use microcontrollers, programmable logic devices and sensors.  His teaching style is heavy upfront on a class learning the subject matter together in a formal way, then allowing students to pursue their individual interests in self directed projects. 

"Projects allow students to connect the dots themselves and mimic more closely what will be asked of them when they leave here and get paid to learn, ie. when they go to work."

Prior to coming to Vermont Tech he worked for ten years at IBM Microelectroncis in CMOS and bipolar technology development and in foundry application engineering.  While there he began teaching a class on semiconductor processing which led to his desire to shift career paths.  His graduate work was in the area of non-linear fiber optics at Dartmouth College which he continued for a year at Ericsson Business Networks as a visting research scientist.

Outside of work his interests are running, biking, swimming, nordic and alpine skiing.  He's a persistent guitar player and reads any book that comes recommended by trusted sources.