Christopher L. Corbin

Part-Time Faculty

Fire Science
[P](802) 728-1734

Christopher Corbin, Adjunct Professor of the Fire Science Program at VTC, is a 2000 graduate of VTC, earning a B.S. in Architectural Engineering.  In 1999, Chris began his fire service journey as a volunteer fire fighter and in 2004 started his career as a firefighter / EMT in the City of South Burlington.  Working through the ranks as Senior Firefighter in 2008, Chris currently serves a Lieutenant in South Burlington, being promoted as an officer in August 2013.  Along with teaching at VTC, Chris is also a Fire Instructor II with the Vermont Fire Academy, teaching many aspects of the fire service, as well as the coordinator of the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) in Vermont.  Chris currently serves as the labor President for the South Burlington Career Firefighters, a position he has held for 7 years.

Chris believes that the fire service is a dynamic profession; one that requires passionate and appropriate involvement. It is critical to lead with pride and professionalism, maintaining situational awareness, which is vitally important to successfully complete the mission at hand. As a fire service educator, instilling knowledge, skills, and abilities in both new and experienced fire fighters not only fulfills Chris’ passion for the fire service, but also allows him to maintain awareness of the latest knowledge available to a member of the fire service.  He believes focus on physical and mental wellness and fitness is essential to not only serve the public safely and effectively, but also to meet the expectations of the men and women serving next to you. Educated in Architectural Engineering and with past experience in construction allow for a clear understanding of how a building will contribute to, and be impacted by, today's fire propagation.

Chris holds Pro-Board certifications as a Fire Officer II and Fire Instructor I as well as a NFPA-Certified Fire Inspector I.  He is also an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and an IAFF / IAFC / ACE Peer Fitness Trainer.  In his spare time, Chris enjoys traveling, playing the bagpipes and working on his 1954 Chevy.