Chengjun Wang

Assistant Professor
Faculty member, Chengjun Wang

Full Time
Computer & Information Systems
[P](802) 728-1342
BS, Shandong University; ME, Chinese Academy of Science; PhD, Auburn University

CJ Wang has been with Vermont Tech as a faculty since 2012. He is very passionate about teaching and quick to respond to his students’ emails. He has taught many courses, including C Programming, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Senior Project, Advanced Web Design, Computer architecture, Computer organization, Object-Oriented Programming, Advanced System Administration, and Introduction to Java Programming.

Prior to pursuing his Ph.D. at Auburn University, he co-founded a high tech company in China and worked for it as Chief Software Engineer developing software for telecom products for over 12 years. The products he developed were certified by Nortel Networks and SIEMENS and won many contracts. He was awarded Outstanding Reviewer by the Journal of Computers & Electrical Engineering in 2014. As a reviewer, he has done reviews for many journals and conferences, including Parallel Computing- Elsevier, Computers & Electrical Engineering- Elsevier, The International Conference on Information Technology, The International Conference on Computing, Communications and Networking Technologies, and The International Symposium on Digital Forensics and Security.


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