Principles & Practices of Nursing IV Lab

Course Number: 
NUR 2040
Nursing (NUR)

This course is divided into three content areas: health promotion and physical assessment (3 weeks), maternity nursing (6 weeks), and psychiatric nursing (6 weeks). Laboratory and clinical experiences are congruent with the material presented in NUR 2030. The student assists the client and family to recognize their self-care needs. The clinical experience offers the student an opportunity to gain the tools necessary to assess, plan, and evaluate interventions in the care of client populations in general medicine, maternity, and mental health settings. Observational experiences are provided in multiple inpatient and outpatient areas. The student demonstrates skills in decision-making through the use of the nursing process with an emphasis on implementation and evaluation. The student also selects the appropriate roles to assume in meeting the patient’s self-care needs. The student performs therapeutically in the clinical area with a decreasing need for instructor supervision.

6 hours of clinical/lab per week

[Course fee: $60]