Principles & Practices of Nursing IV

Course Number: 
NUR 2030
Nursing (NUR)

This course is divided into three content areas: health promotion and physical assessment; psychiatric nursing; and maternity nursing. The health promotion and physical assessment portion of the course focuses on assessing abnormal conditions, encouraging a maximum level of self-care by promoting healthy behaviors, and the importance of an accurate and complete health history (including a psychosocial, cultural, and spiritual assessment) and a health risk appraisal. In the psychiatric nursing portion, the student assesses, plans, and evaluates interventions in the care of the client population, selects an appropriate role to assume, and assists clients to meet their mental health self-care needs. Topics in the maternity portion include assessment, evaluation, planning care, and implementing interventions for normal and abnormal antepartal, intrapartal, and postpartal client at the level of the registered nurse. The student assists the maternity client and family to recognize their self-care needs.

3 hours of lecture per week
[Course fee: $100]