Electrical Circuits I

Course Number: 
ELT 1031
Electrical Engineering Technology (ELT)

This course is an introductory study of DC and AC electrical circuits that includes electrical charge, current, voltage, resistance, energy, power, capacitance, inductance, and the transient behavior of RC and RL circuits. It develops the concepts of frequency, period, phase, and magnitude of sine waves for AC and examines the electrical circuit parameters as phasors and complex numbers expressed in polar and rectangular form. Major AC topics include reactance, impedance, power, and resonance. Electric circuit theory includes Ohm’s law; Kirchhoff’s laws; series and parallel circuits; and electrical sources. It also introduces voltage and current dividers and Thevenin’s theorem. Lab exercises develop the use of basic measurement equipment, such as the ammeter, voltmeter, and oscilloscope.

3 hours of lecture, 3 hours of lab per week
[Course fee: $50]