Emergency Medical Service

Course Number: 
AHS 2011
Allied Health Sciences (AHS)

This course follows the guidelines of the National Medical Service Blueprint for Education with approval and oversight by the Vermont Department of Health. The course focuses on the assessment and management of medical emergencies and trauma in the prehospital environment. It provides a foundation for understanding anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and emergency medical service operations through a series of lecture, small group activities, and skill labs. The course prepares the student to test for licensure with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) through the Vermont Department of Health. Successful completion of this course and licensure as an Emergency Medical Technician through the NREMT is required to graduate from the VTC Fire Science program. Those who are unable to attain certification with the course guidelines and time frame are given an incomplete grade and must attain certification in the proscribed time period. If the student is still unable to attain certification, a failing grade is given for the course and the student has to attain the certification outside of the VTC Fire Science program. The exam is computer-based. If the student is licensed under a Vermont EMS organization, the exam is $70. Each subsequent exam is $70. Pass/No Pass.

4 hours of lecture, 4 hours of lab per week

[Course fee: $200]