Certified Flight Instructor: Ground

Course Number: 
AER 3010
Aviation (AER)

This capstone course uses the student’s extensive Commercial Pilot knowledge to teach instructional skills. There is strong emphasis on the fundamentals of instructing and scenario-based training. Through the creation of weekly lesson plans delivered in the classroom with peers and in the broader community, the student builds confidence in their aviation knowledge and delivery; explore and understand their own learning and teaching styles; and recognize and support individual learners. Concepts, techniques, procedural training methods, and adult learning is augmented with applied activities aimed at developing an efficient, effective CFI equipped to provide individualized one-on-one training. Emphasis is on the learning individual and the judgment needed for this high-risk environment. Upon completion, the student may complete aircraft flight instruction with a senior CFI and step into their first job as a professional flight instructor.

6 hours of lecture per week