Commercial Pilot: Flight I

Course Number: 
AER 2031
Aviation (AER)

This course is the first of two that provide the necessary aeronautical skill and experience to meet FAA requirements for a Commercial Pilot certificate, Airplane category, Single-Engine Land class rating. The student has individual flight training with a Certified Flight Instructor, who teaches in accordance with all facets of the FAA Commercial Pilot Airman Certification standards and includes both dual instruction and solo flying. This flight course provides 65 of the 120 minimum hours for the flight school requirements. Flight fees are based on the hours required by the Part 141 course and include a combination of aircraft, simulator, and flight instructor time. The published flight fees do not include the FAA Commercial Pilot practical flight test; additional fees include both aircraft rental and Designated Examiner fees. Any student who requires additional hours above the flight course is responsible for the cost.

65 flight hours per term
[Course fee: $14,954]