Pilot Instrument Rating: Flight

Course Number: 
AER 1120
Aviation (AER)

This course provides training in aeronautical skill and procedures using both AATD simulators and airplanes to acquire the FAA Instrument Rating, Airplane category. It builds skills of basic attitude flying, navigation, and air traffic control phraseology in the IFR environment. The student experiences flight solely by reference to instruments, by first practicing in advanced training devices followed by airplane training while wearing a vision-limited hood or by flying in actual instrument conditions. Instruction includes full training in instrument navigation on cross-country trips with multiple instrument approaches. The end result is an FAA Instrument: Airplane rating added to the student’s pilot certificate. Training is conducted in flight stages with stage exams until completion. The course consists of 52 flight training hours; all students pay the same flight fees based on the number of flight hours.

52 flight hours per term
[Course fee: $12,334]